Dass ich es mal für nötig halten könnte, einen Blogbeitrag mit den folgenden Selbstverständlichkeiten zu verfassen, hätte ich im Leben nicht geglaubt. Was für Trump gilt, gilt auch für RT.

They take away the right to speak of Donald Trump they’re taking away your right to hear Donald Trump and they’re taking away your right to criticize and attack what Donald Trump is saying but, if you can’t hear what he’s saying, then you are not in a position to evaluate. Who knows, like a stop clock he might twice a day at least be right but you’ll never know because they’ve choked off his Free Speech pipeline. But the more important point of view for you is, if you cheer on the restrictions on other people’s Free Speech rights, the day will come when they come for you. This much is so blindingly obvious it is astounding that millions of people can’t see it and voted indeed in that poll to exclude Trump from Twitter.

George Galloway