Neulich im Pazifik …

Der Guardian berichtet:

US warns Solomon Islands against China military base …

  • The US government has warned Solomon Islands it will “respond accordingly” if its security agreement with China leads to a Chinese military presence in the Pacific island nation.

A visiting US delegation including Indo-Pacific security adviser Kurt Campbell delivered the message to the Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, directly, the White House said, …

War da nicht was mit dem Nato-Beitritt der Ukraine?

Und das sagt man in China dazu:

„The relevant standard of the US and Australia has been ironic: They can provoke, but whoever fights back would be called an ‚aggressor.‘ They can condemn any country, yet whoever talks back will be labeled a ‚wolf worrier;‘ They can have all forms of military cooperation with others, but China’s legitimate security collaboration with others is a ‚threat.‘

„When Morrison made the ‚red line‘ rhetoric, he jeopardized the red line of the Solomon Islands, an independent country, by failing to respect the latter’s diplomatic sovereignty. The Australian government is so used to making decisions on behalf of Pacific island countries, with the belief that those islands should naturally follow its ‚guidance.‘ Such a mentality can be viewed as Australian neo-colonialism, Yang Honglian, senior researcher at the Liaocheng University, told the Global Times.“ [Hervorhebung d. V.]

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