Viktor Urban zum Ukraine Krieg

Question: The last couple of seconds you made a great deal about 1956 and fighting for Freedom. You have a neighbor who is invaded by Russia, the very country you know you grew up, with pictures of tanks going into Budapest. Why are you opposing the European Aid?

Urban: No, no it‘s emotionally, it’s tragic, so all of our heart is with the ukrainians, we understand how much they suffer. But I‘m speaking here as a politician who should save lives. So the most important thing for the international political communities is to save lives, especially when you are convinced, as I do, that there is no chance to win this war. So therefore what we should do far more energy invest into to convince everybody that the only solution is ceasefire and then after the ceasefire peace talks to start and then we could go back to your point.

Question: Yeah, but do you really think there is no chance of Ukraine winning, that‘s surely the main thing, surely they stand very little chance of winning without the aid which you are currently blocking.

Urban: No, no. My position is that looking at the reality, looking at the figures, looking at the surroundings, looking at the fact that NATO is not ready to send troops, it‘s obvious that there is no victory for uh poor Ukrainians on the battlefield, it is obvious that there is no chance of victory for Ukrainians on the battlefield.


Das ganze Interview ist sehenswert und extrem scary. Larry Johnson hält es nicht für ausgeschlossen, dass die schon in Europa stationierten Truppen den Einsatzbefehl bekommen könnten, in den Krieg einzugreifen.

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