Bruchstücke zur Situation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Victim of Chinese „Debt Trap Diplomacy?“


The Western media blames China for Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, but the vast majority of Sri Lanka’s debt is held by Western institutions & firms.

DW’s article  „Sri Lanka’s foreign debt default: Why the island nation went under,“ admits:

„A financial crisis had been brewing for more than a decade in Sri Lanka, where International Sovereign Bonds (ISB) — or market borrowing — constitute a major portion of the country’s foreign debt.“

It also includes the feat. graphic, showing just how small Sri Lanka’s debt to China is relative to total debt.

If we look at who holds these bonds, as Nikkei Asia reveals, the top 20 ISB holders include BlackRock, Allianz, UBS, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, and Prudential – all Western financial firms.


Sri Lanka protests: always more than meets the eye

There are always groups & money behind mass protests. Always a political party and special interests – even when they are positive protests.

The US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funds circles of interests in each country including in Sri Lanka (here)

I’ve seen evidence that NED funded groups are at the protests but cannot draw any conclusions yet.

It’s a matter of following the money & interests. Slogans and simplification often serve as cover for US interference.

We’re digging deep into Sri Lankan politics and the history of US interference to decipher what’s happening there now and how the US will try to leverage the situation to advance its anti-China/Russia agenda.

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