Die Außenministerin von Südafrika zum IGH-Urteil

Nach der Urteilsverkündung gab Ministerin Naledi Pandor eine Pressekonferenz:

P.: Well by the fact that the court says „Remember that today we’re not deciding about the allegation of genocide, what we’re dealing with other provisional measures“ it’s clear that the court does say circumstances exist where it is plausible that genocidal acts have been committed. This of course means, once the merit case is addressed, and if the finding is that there has been genocide, those states that have aided and abetted become a party to Commission of an Infringement in terms of the convention.

Q.: Do you think Israel will conform to the orders laid down by the court today?

P.: I’ve never really been hopeful about Israel, but Israel has very powerful friends who I hope will advise Israel that they should act.